Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I don't work weekends

Friday afternoon through Monday morning -- and sometimes through Tuesday morning -- I cannot work as an escort. There are many good reasons for this:
  1. I've mentioned that I have another "normal" job. That job has to take priority. For insurance purposes, for my sanity, for the sake of family and friends knowing where I work, and in the long-term, when I finally finish my degree, my resume will not have a big gap in it that I have to explain. My regular job pays less, but I value it more.
  2. I am a mother. This takes time.
  3. On top top of that, my mother's health is worsening so she now lives with me. This also takes my time.
  4. I need one full day off.
Almost without fail, I turn my phone on Monday (or in the case of today, Tuesday) and some jerkoff has left a series of messages. "Tae, it's Dick, trying to get a hold of you, I really need to see you." "Tae, Dick here again, I know your recording says you won't be available until Tuesday afternoon at 3:00, but I really need to see you. It's Saturday morning, could you please make an exception?" "Tae, it's Dick again. Your recording says to only leave one message but you never call back so I had to call you again. Please call me. It's now Saturday afternoon and I still haven't heard from you." "Tae, Dick here, I guess you aren't going to call. Too bad, I was going to be very generous with you."

You know what, Dick? FUCK YOU, THAT'S WHAT! You're calling me on a fucking Saturday morning when my ad clearly states that I am completely unavailable on the weekend, my voicemail greeting specifically tells you that I can't check my messages until TUESDAY and to leave ONE message and I'll call you back on TUESDAY afternoon. And just in case you can't wait, I even went the extra mile when recording my message and gave the phone number of a beautiful escort the same age and build as me, a woman I know and trust who would be more than happy to serve you.

And still, you felt it was necessary to try and lay a guilt trip on me for not being available.

It didn't work.

First, generous men never refer to themselves as such. They just are. I can almost guarantee if I had been available you wouldn't have given me one red cent above my required donation. Second, I'm not a money hungry cunt. My time off and peace of mind are more important to me. I'm not hurting. My bills are paid, I have savings and retirement accounts, there's a modest but nice roof over my head, clothes on our backs, food in our bellies. Fuck you and your money. I'd rather eat rice for a week than to see men like you!

By the way, asshole, when you called, I was at Lowe's buying yard tools to help my neighbors clean up the substantial damage caused by the storms and tornados -- damage their insurance company is refusing to pay for. So, excuse me for not being available to suck your cock for you!

Fucking asshole!

Men, clients, don't be like this. Read the ad. Listen to the voicemail. It's OK to leave one message, but don't expect her to call you back during her time off.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Best work-week ever

It's as if this week has been heaven sent.

Let me back up for a minute before talking about this week though.

Last week was awful. I was being harassed via Twitter. Who would have thought you could use Twitter to make a person's life miserable like that? Once you follow someone they can send you private messages and I usually follow everybody back. Most of the time, the messages I get are very sweet and supportive. And then this really mean person came along and started to verbally assault me. It started out as him pretending to be concerned about me and then escalated from there. I made the mistake of thinking I could talk to him. I soon realized there is no reasoning with this person and I blocked him. Then, he followed me again under another account, and I followed him back not knowing who he was, and it stared all over again. And again. And then one more time.

It must have been time for me to learn a lesson about keeping boundaries because on top of the Twitter stalker, I had to deal with a couple of jerk clients, too! One of them, I had to kick out of my hotel room because he wouldn't stop licking my face.

Gentlemen, listen up, when a woman tells you to stop doing something, that means STOP. Something as seemingly innocuous as a kiss, or in this case a face licking, when done against a woman's will is a violation. It feels like a type of rape.

So, the face licker left the room as requested and later emailed a genuine apology. And then, after a public fit of sorts by me, the Twitter stalker finally left me alone. I don't know if he'll be back or not, don't care, I've decided to not let it bother me. Some people are going to be mean; I will just block them immediately without conversation.

Anyway, so Saturday came and I did the update for the Minutes of Mayhem and it was awful because I couldn't hear anything and I was also just feeling blah. Good thing it's an unpaid thing, done just for fun and because I like Neal. Not that kind of like. I mean he's a good guy and I hope his podcast does well. So, visit the link and listen and download previous episodes.

Now for this week. It was a wonderful. I only took a total of six appointments from Tuesday through Thursday. The first five came as soon as I touched their penis. I am not exaggerating. Then, the last client, rocked my world! I came in his mouth, literally squirted I mean, and then he fucked me until I came in four different positions. Actually, it was more like one big long orgasm that continued as he flipped, bent, and twisted me around. He was awesome. And when it was over, he tipped me and didn't make that shitty joke that I fucking hate about "you should be tipping me." Gah, I hate when clients say that. I want to throw their money back in their face. But this guy was a perfect gentleman and he made me feel good.

So, yes, great week.