Monday, April 9, 2012

Clients, if you should happen to spot me at the emergency room

And I'm with an obviously sick relative, and surrounded by other family members: don't fucking know me!

Don't follow me around, gawking. And for crying out loud, stop trying to make eye contact with me. What is wrong with you? RUDE!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How much to tip your escort

Not very often, but occasionally I do check the stats on my blog. I didn't used to -- I didn't want to be depressed by too few readers or intimidated by having many. But when I decided to allow comments, I thought it would be interesting to see where they are coming from, as well as the keywords used to find this blog in the first place. And it has been interesting indeed. Some of the keywords or phrases are hilarious, some just plain wrong, but then some of these search phrases are actually very practical questions and have helped me see what people most want to know about. I think it would be kind of fun to turn this into a series of some sort -- like every so often answer another common question or talk about the most popular subject.

"How much to tip your escort" is by far the most common (practical) query that leads people to this blog. The problem with tackling this subject is that there is no one right answer.

You can always flat-out ask the provider what is satisfactory, but be careful to not suggest the tip is payment for extra services or they may think you are LE trying to entrap them. Even though, but not always, a tip generally does entitle you to extra service, the provider won't give details about how much more extra services will cost you until after your session has begun and you have paid your base donation and gotten yourself "comfortable" -- in other words, until after they are certain you are a legitimate client.

This is my recommendation: (and if any other providers out there find this post and have something extra to contribute, I more than welcome your input in the comments) Bring double the agreed-upon donation to your appointment. Give her the base fee immediately. (I can't stress this enough -- don't haggle or ask what you're getting. You made the appointment, she got herself ready for you and maybe even paid for a hotel room, just give her the fee. Place it somewhere where she can see it and do not discuss it at all.) If she expects an extra donation for extra services, she'll let you know as soon as she is comfortable doing so. Some escorts charge a lower base fee and require more money for sexy time, others (like me) charge a little more up front and include release in the session. Some charge a very high fee and also charge for extras, while others (usually crackheads) charge next to nothing and couldn't care less about a tip, they're just trying to get you out the door with as little effort and time spent possible so they can get their rock. Stay away from those girls! Ha. What I'm saying is that all providers are different; what's included in the session and what is extra depends completely upon the escort and what she is comfortable doing. I knew one girl who loved it up the ass so much she included it with her base fee, but then charged double for vaginal sex. You never know.

Whatever happens, if your provider gives you good quality service, she deserves to be rewarded. Make sure to give her at least a 40% gratuity, either by way of negotiating for extras or just handing it to her as you leave to let her know you appreciate her effort. This is how you get good referrals, fellas, not to mention good karma. This is a luxury service, after all. ;)