Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hey, men leaving voicemails who feel the need to give me a full physical description of themselves

Guess what? I don't care.

If I did care what you looked like, I'd be in the wrong fucking business.


  1. Hey Ms. Sexy,

    Where have you been lately.......Hmmmm. I'm patiently waiting for some juicy stories.

  2. hi there,
    as a fellow escort just wanted you to know how relieved it makes me to find that there are other chicks who have the exact same trains of thought that i do...ha!

  3. hey...i can't remember if i actually went through with leaving a comment on here previously, but i am fairly new to 'the game' (is that a good thing to call it? makes me feel kinda gangster, but also sounds kinda silly) and as someone fairly isolated in my profession, it's nice to hear from someone else...even if i've never met you and never will.
    i wish you would update. i like being able to sit here and giggle and be like, 'oh my god! that's EXACTLY what i think!!'
    it's nice.
    anyway, i assume you're doing well because i see you have a twitter (i won't fuck with it)...but please update your blog soon. please?


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