Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Keep it brief, please!

I'm talking about phone calls. Don't keep your escort on the phone longer than 5 minutes before setting up your appointment!

Why, you ask?

1. Because it's rude and inconsiderate. She may be polite, but probably has other things that need tending to so don't waste her time.

2. Typically, the more the caller yaps on and on, the more questions they ask, the more likely they are full of SHIT. It's true. When I used to answer the phone for an escort service, I was told to hang up on men who asked too many questions. If you're serious, you'll just set up the appointment already.

3. What if she has limited minutes on her cell phone and you're burning them up just because you're bored or too scared to seal the deal?

4. Just trust me, it's not appreciated.

Not exactly the best post to return with after a long hiatus, but after dealing with several long-winded, full-of-shit men today, this is what's on my mind!