More about The Tell-all Escort

Just call me Tae. I’ve been providing erotic services off and on for a long time. It isn’t like those awful Lifetime movies. At least not for me it isn’t. I have a great relationship with my dad and I always have. He’s been present and supportive my entire life. Nobody molested, abused, or abandoned me. I’ve never walked the street. I’ve never had a pimp. I screen my own clients, thoroughly. I’m not on drugs. I don’t even drink. Don’t smoke either. The idea of taking handouts or having a “sugar daddy” repulses me. I don’t take advantage of the kindness of others. I want to earn every penny that goes into my bank account. And I do. I feel good about that. The only thing I really feel bad about is that I can’t tell my family and friends about it. The only people who know are a few provider friends that I’ve made along the way. Honestly, it’s kind of a lonely feeling. Most people get to come home at the end of the day and talk about their job. I have a part-time “regular” job and am also working toward a degree, so I don’t have to lie exactly. But I do have to withhold this other part of my life. Lying by omission. It’s hard. Hard knowing that I would be judged as a bad person, also because I feel stifled. I want and need to talk and share. That’s why I started this blog and Twitter. Thank you for reading. :)